1. Magic Mike 2 might actually happen
Good news for anyone who thought there was too much "tease" in the feature-length striptease that was Magic Mike: According to star Matthew McConaughey, a sequel is probably on the way. "I know it's something that's legitimately brewing," says McConaughey at MTV News. McConaughey adds that the sequel wouldn't happen without costar Channing Tatum, who's taking a break from acting after spending the past two years "cranking it out for a while" — unwittingly coming up with a possible plot point for Magic Mike 2.

2. John Goodman will star in a new pilot for Amazon
As Amazon Studios takes its first baby steps into the world of original content creation — they grow up so fast! — the new production company has tapped John Goodman to star in an original pilot called Alpha House, which will follow four senators who live in a rented house together in Washington, D.C. Deadline reports that Goodman will star as Senator Gil John Biggs, a "large man with large appetites." Alpha House is being written by Doonesbury creator Gary Trudeau, so audiences can presumably look forward to pretending to understand its political satire.

3. American Idol got desperate enough to bring Steven Tyler back
Proving that there's no lazy gimmick American Idol won't try to shore up its flagging ratings, Thursday night's episode saw former judge Steven Tyler show up to audition for the series — in drag. (Don't all laugh at once.) Alas, "the judges immediately saw through the disguise," reports iVillage. Fortunately, the panel didn't wave Tyler through to Hollywood, which means that American Idol viewers will only have to contend with four irritating judges this season, not five. 

4. Ben & Jerry's unveils underwhelming 30 Rock-themed frozen yogurt
NBC's 30 Rock went to that great big TV network in the sky last night, but mourning fans can comfort-food themselves into oblivion with a fairly underwhelming consolation prize: Ben & Jerry's "Liz Lemon"-themed Greek Frozen Yogurt. ABC News reports that the frozen yogurt features a "blueberry lavender swirl," and is intended to honor the show's leading lady — even if it's way, way healthier than anything the character would choose to eat.

5. Yes, Lena Dunham will keep being naked on Girls
If there was an Emmy for Nakedest Actress, Girls star Lena Dunham would have been a lock before the first episode of the HBO series had come to an end — and according to Dunham, she never plans to change. "My point with getting naked is never proven," says Dunham in an interview at People. "It's not like, 'Oh, I did it first season and now you guys get that there's women of a certain size on TV so I'm done!'" Now that Dunham has issued her 89th definitive statement on the nudity in Girls, the issue can finally be put to rest — until tomorrow, when some other interviewer asks her.