It was a long time coming, but after years of insults and shtick-ily being bumped from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Matt Damon got his high-profile revenge on Thursday night. Rebranding Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Sucks!, a hilariously vindictive Damon hosted the show in front of a tied-and-bound Kimmel, who was forced to silently suffer the entire episode onstage, helplessly lashed to an office chair. The premise of this obvious (but very funny) grab for ratings is that Damon can do Kimmel's show better than Kimmel, and can bring on talent Jimmy can only dream about. Here's how Damon's A-list revenge fantasy begins:

In the second segment, Damon took the opportunity to explain the backstory behind Kimmel's long-running grudge against him:

And in a final insult, Damon brought on Sarah Silverman, Kimmel's ex-girlfriend (and Damon's partner in an earlier Kimmel gag), to talk about their relationship:

Of course, not all the celebrities go along with the plot. Revenge, after all, can be a two-way street:

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Since Kimmel needs to juice his ratings now that his show has moved to 11:35 p.m., pitting him directly against the mighty David Letterman and Jay Leno, this standoff is probably not over. As Kimmel teases:

Watch a recap of the entire show, from ABC News: