In the early morning hours of Dec. 27, Wisconsin couple Dennis Murawska, 59, and Susan Cotey, 52, were snug in their beds, unaware that a fire was building in the attic of their attached garage and quickly moving into their home. Then suddenly from the basement came the hysterical squawking of their pet chicken, Cluck Cluck, who was in its cage. The noise awoke Cotey, who sufficiently alarmed Murawska, forcing them out of bed and downstairs, where they realized their house was aflame. The married couple quickly escaped. 

Firefighters arrived and entered the home, saving Cluck Cluck, who was still trapped in its basement cage, as well as one of the couple's two cats. The house, unfortunately, was destroyed. But it could have been a lot worse, and local Fire Chief Jeff Gaede credits Cluck Cluck for saving the day.

"We are used to hearing about a dog or cat or something, but we never heard of a chicken waking up a resident for a fire," Gaede tells Fox News. "That's pretty amazing."

So if it weren't for Cluck Cluck, Murawska and Cotey might not be alive today. The heroic chicken owes its life to Murawska and Cotey, too. The bird first belonged to Murawska's neighbor, and would often wander over for visits. Cluck Cluck wasn't a prize possession, however, and the neighbor threatened to kill it because it wasn't producing any eggs. Murawska felt sorry for the infertile bird and offered to take her in. He even built a coop for her and provided an indoor home where Cluck Cluck would sleep on cold nights. 

"I spent way more money than I ever should've," Murawska say. "I guess it paid off. 

While few fowls have been elevated to the level of hometown hero, Cluck Cluck isn't entirely alone. In 1932, a pet chicken came to the rescue of a Texas toddler who was being attacked by a full grown English bulldog. Just as the dog lunged at the child, the bird leaped on the dog and pecked him to death in just seven minutes. Both the chicken and the child escaped without injury.