To their great credit, Kate Middleton and Prince William appear to be relatively down-to-earth for people who live in a castle. Still, there is no denying that their baby will grow up with the world at its little fingertips. So what do you get the royal baby who has it all? Here are 8 oddly haute gifts befitting any future heir-to-the-throne:

Diamond sterling baby spoon
If you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth, why not opt for the Vivre diamond sterling edition? The exquisitely crafted utensil, which retails for $1,350, features a diamond chip at the tip of the spoon that will surely make all the other aristocratic babies jealous. (Photo:polyvore)

Diamond pacifier
Having trouble quieting your wailing royal? This $17,000 diamond pacifier might do the trick. The sparkly soother achieves a blinding shine with more than 278 pave cut white diamonds totaling 3 carats. And while this sucker features a genuine nipple and a moving handle, its makers don't recommend that you actually put it in your baby's mouth. (Photo: personalizedpacifiers)

Fantasy carriage crib
This fantasy crib, which retails for $19,995, is fashioned after Cinderella's glittery carriage and features quaint design elements like a luggage-rack-cum-changing table and a roomy, round mattress pad. (Photo:poshtots)

iPad rocking chair
Not all gifts have to be just for baby. The iRock rocking chair is perfect for Will and Kate. Rock your little monarch to sleep on this self-sufficient iPad dock and sound station. The handcrafted $1,300 chair comes with iPad, iPhone, and iTouch adaptors, built-in speakers, and the ability to charge your electronics as you rock. (Photo:irocknow)

Galileo baby monitor
Will and Kate may have to leave their little prince (or princess) back home when they jet around the globe, and if they do, they'll surely want to stay in touch. The Galileo, from the design team Motrr, turns any iPhone into a roaming eye. When you call home from your private jet, ask your butler to mount the phone in the stand. When your conversation begins, you'll be able to control the camera by remote, tilting or panning to follow your precocious toddler wherever he might roam. (

MagicBath baby hot tub
Baby's first spa day is a momentous occasion for any aristocratic family. The MagicBath baby hot tub ($2,186), from BluBleu, promises to take stressed-out infants on a "fabulous journey of sensory experience." Ten air jets pump out bubbles to caress the wee one, while underwater LEDs emit blue, indigo, and violet "chromotherapy" light in a preprogrammed cycle. (

Baby monitor onesie
When your little royal isn't dressing to impress, try the Exmobaby, a onesie outfitted with what may be the world's most high-tech baby monitor. Using a built-in thermometer, heart rate sensor, and motion detector, the Exmobaby wirelessly transmits text messages to anxious parents, giving them real-time stats, clues to their baby's mood, and alerts when he needs his gold-plated diaper changed. (Photo:exmover)

RUX infant rattle
If you're a busy monarch on the go, the Every Cameo baby rattle ($180) may help your little one remember you while you're jetsetting. Using profile photos of the parents as a guide, a New York company carves the profiled faces into the barbell-shaped ends of the rattle for a truly one-of-a-kind toy that any little royal can brag about. (Photo: cameobyrux)