On Tuesday night, President Obama celebrated his re-election victory with an innocuous tweet sent at 11:16 p.m. EST — just shortly after media outlets called Ohio in his favor to secure him the win. Within 20 minutes, the message, which simply reads "Four more years" and features the commander-in-chief embracing his wife Michelle, became the most popular of all time as indicated by retweets. (Another tweet thanking voters also went on to crack the top 10, according to BuzzFeed.) Here, in order, are Obama's record setter and nine more of the most popular tweets of all time:

1. Barack Obama (600,000+)
Obama's victory cigar quickly shattered the previous Twitter record. It currently has nearly three times as many retweets as the next runner-up:


2. Justin Bieber (200,000+)
Justin Bieber's unrivaled social media powers could practically account for the remainder of this list alone. But this message mourning the death of a young Belieber who lost her battle with cancer is currently his most passed-along:


3. T.J. Lang (98,000+)
After a heartbreaking, controversial loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers guard T.J. Lang had some choice words for the replacement referees who blew the game-altering, final-play call. It wasn't long after until the real NFL refs got their whistles back:


4. Floyd Mayweather (89,000+)
It's the super fight the world wants to see, and this tweet sent out by boxing's reigning five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather challenging Manny Pacquiao — for a match-up of two once-in-a-generation talents that still hasn't materialized — stands as one of the most retweeted ever… thanks to a small boost from Bieber:


5. Kim Kardashian (68,000+)
The reality star's most viewed message fulfilled one of the last wishes of a teenager diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma:


6. Lady Gaga (35,000+)
Mama Monster's passionate drove of followers gave this nugget of wisdom some formidable social-media momentum:


7. Katy Perry (35,000+)
Katy Perry's praise for fellow songstress Demi Lovato drove thousands of pop-loving tweens to press the reweet button:


8. Selena Gomez (33,000+)
Justin Bieber's current girlfriend also piled on the accolades for her pal Demi:


9. Rihanna (29,000+)
The birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce's first child, Blue Ivy Carter — who already has her own hit song with her dad — earned the newborn a social-media shout out from one of her parents' closest pals, "Aunty Rih":


10. Taylor Swift (25,000+)
The country-pop superstar celebrated her most recent birthday with this pithy, tongue-in-cheek tweet:


Source: BuzzFeedMediaBistro, TwitSprout