1. Tim Tebow is stepping out with a new love interest
Noted Christian/underperforming football player Tim Tebow has a new girlfriend. The New York Jet is reportedly dating actress Camilla Belle — who, having dated Joe Jonas in 2009, is “no stranger to famous virgins,” says TMZ. Reportedly, during a bowling outing in Jacksonville, Florida, Tebow and Belle were “overly affectionate... holding hands and touching” — a display for which “overly affectionate” seems an extremely generous description.

2. Porn star Jessie Andrews set to appear in new Miley Cyrus music video
Miley Cyrus has taken pains to distance herself from her squeaky-clean image, but the singer is taking “adult” to a whole new level by casting 20-year-old porn star Jessie Andrews in the video for her new single “Decisions.” Fox News reports that the risqué video will also feature “a unicorn, a goat, and a woman who smashes watermelons with her breasts” — a feat so daring that even enthusiastic watermelon-smasher Gallagher has never tried it.

3. Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter account hacked
On Tuesday, a hacker gained access to the Twitter account of actress Lindsay Lohan, tweeting a bizarre message that read, “How does Hitler tie his shoes? from @oatmeal,” says E! Online. The tweet stood out immediately, since Lohan is widely known for her thoughtful, comprehensible tweets. Though Lohan quickly regained her account and clarified that the tweet wasn’t hers, she failed to explain the 4,000-plus other bizarre tweets she’s made since joining Twitter.

4. Glee set to feature “Gangnam Style”
Today, in inevitable news: Glee and viral video hit “Gangnam Style,” two formerly hot pop-cultural phenoms that are past their sell-by date, will intermingle when the cast of the Fox TV series performs the song and dance in an upcoming late November episode. “You know we had to do it,” says Glee star Kevin McHale, seemingly resigned to his fate, in a video preview at Next Now Next

5. Taylor Swift won’t date cheaters anymore
In case her half-dozen songs about straying boyfriends weren't clear enough, Taylor Swift has announced she won't put up with cheating anymore. According to People Magazine, the singer said,“I can't deal with someone wanting to take a relationship backward or needing space or cheating on you,” and failed to add, “That means you, John Mayer.” It remains to be seen what Swift will write her songs about now.