Criminal decency
A Dayton, Ohio, man is robbed at gunpoint at a bus stop, but the thieves give him back $2 — enough for bus fare — before fleeing. [Consumerist]

Internet trolls
Taylor Swift promoters set up a contest promising that the young songstress will perform at the school that gets the most online votes — only to have pranksters on 4chan and Reddit skew the results by voting for a school for the deaf. [Newser]

Living art
An Italian artist spray-paints a handful of pigeons in the hope that tourists will notice their beauty and stop referring to them as "rats of the sky." [The Daily What]


Energy reliance
A Maryland man inadvertently kills 70,000 chickens when he wanders drunkenly through a chicken farm and flips a switch that disconnects all the power in the coops. [Death & Taxes]

Defensive pizza lovers
A Floridian is taken into custody after he reportedly punches a pizza delivery man in the face for forgetting his garlic knots. [Gawker]

Devoted guidos and guidettes
MTV announces that the next season of Jersey Shore will be its last. [Videogum]

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