Getting to know our national treasures
Beer enthusiasts launch a petition on the White House website asking for the recipe for the official White House Honey Ale. [Death & Taxes]

Prurient Anglophiles
Photos leak online of a naked Prince Harry engaging in a not particularly regal game of strip billiards in Las Vegas. [HyperVocal]

Geeks uniting
A comedy site successfully raises hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a New York property that was inventor Nikola Tesla's last laboratory, with plans to turn it into a museum. [The Daily What]


Getting a high-profile "Like"
The "iGrill" app gets so much traffic after winning an endorsement from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that its servers crash for two hours. [Business Insider]

Civics teachers
A poll finds that two-thirds of Americans can't name a single Supreme Court justice. [Newser]

Arts & crafts
An elderly woman unintentionally destroys a 19th century Spanish fresco when she decides to "restore" the painting herself. [GlobalPost]

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