Dental hygiene
A study finds that brushing your teeth regularly may help fend off dementia. [Newser]

Stimulating the economy
In its new quarterly earnings report, Barnes & Noble partially attributes its strong growth figures to booming sales of the erotic trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey. [AP]

Canine psychiatrists
A new study finds that some dogs who chase their tails may be suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. [Geekosystem]


Modern chivalry
Two passersby in New Jersey rush to help a woman who they believed was defending herself against a robber, only to find out that it was the woman who allegedly robbed the man. [Gawker]

Keeping your syphilis a secret
Two major porn studios suspend production after discovering that a male performer was forging his STD tests and keeping his syphilis infection a secret. [TIME]

Paying homage to Fight Club
Three daycare workers are arrested for running an organized fight ring with their children. [Death & Taxes]

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