Beef-wine pairings
A farmer and a winemaker team up in France and begin feeding each of their cows up to two bottles of wine per day, claiming it makes the meat more flavorful. [Tecca]

Pumping up the volume
New research shows that speakers can be used to put out a fire by trapping burning fuel in an acoustic field. [New Scientist]

Four-legged public servants
A small Alaskan town celebrates the 15-year-long tenure of their mayor, a cat named Stubbs. [Opposing Views]


Stoners' eco-friendly rep
Chemicals used by Californian marijuana growers are likely to blame for the deaths of fishers, rare carnivores, in areas neighboring their illegal farms. [Discovery News]

New York's brief love affair with Linsanity
The New York Knicks look poised to let go of basketball sensation Jeremy Lin, who received a lucrative contract offer from the Houston Rockets that the Knicks likely won't match. [Business Insider]

The river wild
A rafting party on California's American River devolves into a drunken brawl, with at least 12 people arrested and rafters beating each other with paddles and hurling stones at rescue boats. [Death & Taxes]

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