Making 50 shades of bank
50 Shades of Grey author E.L. James makes an estimated $1.34 million a week off the erotic romance novels she originally began as Twilight fan fiction. [Gawker]

Crushing your rage
A Minnesota business offers customers the chance to drive a tank over a car for a cool $1,000. [Discovery News]

Fighting City Hall
After a video showing dozens of people tripping over the same subway stair goes viral, the New York's MTA steps in to repair the problem. [The Daily Dot]


Flouting business casual
A New Zealand reporter is kicked out of a murder trial for wearing gold sparkly pants that the judge deemed "distracting." [Business Insider]

A study of on- and off-line social networks finds that people with the most friends are typically the ones selected to assume leadership positions. [New Scientist]

Inexplicable overreactions
A woman sues a Chinese restaurant in Chicago after an employee allegedly throws her through a glass door for asking for more sauce packets. [Consumerist]

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