Virtual good deeds
After a video of an elderly bus monitor being bullied goes viral, a do-gooder sets up a fundraising campaign that has already raised more than $33,000 for her retirement funds. [Death & Taxes]

A new summer earworm
Pop music phenom Carly Rae Jepsen releases a new single that's just as catchy as "Call Me Maybe." [The Daily Dot]

The healing power of puppies
A new study finds that microbes found on dogs can help prevent childhood asthma. [TIME]


Lawless librarians
A New York librarian gets busted for allegedly skimming $163,582 in late fees over a seven-year period. [Discovery News]

Beating the heat
Several ice cream trucks in the Northeast grapple with a shortage of chilly treats, thanks to early summer heat and the shutdown of a Good Humor plant. [Consumerist]

In Ann Curry's first Today show since The New York Times reported that NBC wants to replace her, producers accidentally put a lower third below her face with the headline, "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow." [HyperVocal]

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