A man who lost his legs to a genetic disorder successfully summits Mt. Kilimanjaro, climbing most of the way on his hands, and raising $500,000 for charity. [HyperVocal

The mother of all pearls
French researchers unearth the oldest natural pearl ever found. The 7,500-year-old artifact was discovered in the United Arab Emirates. [Discovery News]

A pop music revival
Adele's hit song "Rolling in the Deep" awakens a 7-year-old girl from a coma just as her family was preparing to say goodbye. [The Daily What]


The chosen hot dogs
A class-action lawsuit alleges that Hebrew National, known for its kosher meat products, has been selling hot dogs that actually aren't kosher. [Reuters

Ill-conceived sneaker designs
Adidas cancels production of a line of shoes that caused an uproar over the bright orange ankle shackles attached to the sneakers. Many critics said the function-less chains resembled slave shackles. [Consumerist]

Angering Alec
Alec Baldwin allegedly punches a New York Daily News photographer who was trying to nab a shot of the 30 Rock star obtaining a marriage license. [Daily News]

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