Party animals
A study finds that heavy drinking, smoking, drug use, and overeating do not affect a man's sperm count. [TIME]

Tech-savvy hikers
Google Street View unveils plans to expand its maps to include photographs of popular hiking trails. [GOOD]

Arts and crafts
A 5-year-old Australian painting prodigy opens her second solo New York City art show. [Gothamist


Female MDs
A new analysis finds that female doctors earn an average of $12,194 less per year than their male counterparts. [Newser]

The King of R&B
The IRS reports that R. Kelly stopped paying his taxes in 2005, and owes about $4.8 million. [Business Insider]

Clean getaways
A man allegedly attempts to rob a Virginia Walmart, only to get hit by his own getaway truck during the botched escape attempt. [Consumerist]

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