Cranking up the bass
Ambulances in Denver start using 100- and 200-watt subwoofers to vibrate the concrete as an unmissible signal that drivers need to move out of the way during an emergency. [Newser]

The resilience of high-end desserts
New research finds that despite the recession, the demand for premium chocolate bars costing at least $6 per bar is booming. [The Daily]

Being really, really prepared
The Survival Condo, a converted nuclear ballistic missile silo residence in Kansas meant to withstand doomsday scenarios, sells all of its $2 million, 1,820-square-foot underground condos. [Tecca]


Keeping taxidermy dignified
A grieving pet owner stuffs his deceased cat and turns him into a strange remote-controlled helicopter. [Death & Taxes

Swarms of spiders invade an Indian town during a cultural festival, causing panic and leaving two people dead. [TIME]

Damage control
After Mitt Romney's "Amercia" typo last week, his campaign tries to move on by offering voters a "sneak peak" at a new TV ad. [Jezebel]

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