Gas guzzler pride
A new study finds that 65 percent of all hybrid car owners switch back to a regular car when it comes time to buy a new vehicle. [MSNBC

Three public school educators come forward as Maryland's Mega Millions winners, amicably splitting the jackpot, as they'd originally agreed, in a remarkable display of fairness and organization. [Opposing Views]

Frequent fliers
Two brothers launch a membership-based, all-you-can-fly California airline that would cost passengers $750 per month. [TIME]


Paying for paying respects
Residents of Newark, N.J., are enraged to discover that Whitney Houston's funeral cost the city $187,000 — a full 5 percent of the police department's budget. [Huffington Post]

Costly typos
A Texas gas station accidentally sells its fuel for $1 per gallon, causing an overflow of customers and ultimately ending in the station running out of gas. [Consumerist]

Would-be freshmen
A new report suggests that the odds of being accepted off of some colleges' waitlists are only slightly more favorable than the odds of winning the lottery. [Business Insider]

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