The video: Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe aren't your ordinary gym rats. At ages 7 and 5, respectively, the pint-sized Romanian brothers are capable of "jaw-dropping" displays of strength that put even the most demanding adult workout routines to shame. The boys carefully dust their hands with chalk before beginning their two-hour daily training sessions. (Watch the video below.) Their father, Iulian, got them started lifting weights when they were 2. Some critics say the children are too young to take on such an intensive regimen. But the brothers have already garnered themselves an impressive following online, which their father hopes can translate into future success.

The reaction: "They don't come more adorable than this duo," says Max Thompson at The Post Game. They also can't possibly come any stronger, so these may indeed be the world's strongest kids. "Whether it's normal or healthy for their father to be putting them through the routines is another debate entirely, especially when he apparently admits he hopes his sons become stars." Well, if there's ever a Romanian version of Jersey Shoresays Michelle Collins at Best Week Ever, these buff youngsters will be naturals. They're already stars, of sorts. "I mean, they do something called a Human Flag," which involves doing chin-ups while holding your body at a 90-degree angle from a standing pole. And Giuliano holds the Guiness World Record for the feat. Even if fame and fortune don't follow, these two can "probably already kick the crap out of you." Take a look: