Welcome to The Week's "What Next?" contest, an invitation to test your powers of imagination with challenges inspired by current events.

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Last week's question: NASA is seeking volunteers to serve as chefs during a simulated 4-month mission to Mars. Applicants will try to whip up tasty meals from space-appropriate packaged supplies, while wearing spacesuits. We asked you to give one of these new dishes a name.


THE WINNER: Veal Armstrong
Matt Kirchman, Salem, MA

SECOND PLACE: Kentucky Dried Chicken
Alex Mason, Walla Walla, WA

THIRD PLACE: Alan Shepard Pie
Douglas Pang, Linthicum Heights, MD


Battlestar Gelactica
Zelig Kaplan, St. Louis Park, MN

Thrice Recycled Lemonade
Lauri Pavlik, Selbyville, DE

Darth Taters
Adam Shapiro, River Vale, NJ

Hash von Brauns
Steve Savage, Dallas, TX

Dark Splatter
Barry Cutler, Palm Desert, CA

Coke Zero Gravity 
Linda Kelch, Dallas, TX

Zero Bean Salad
Brendan Leyden, Lomita, CA

Macaroni & G's
Eloise Hills, Schenectady, NY

Beef Astronauff
Moshe Kessler, Flushing, NY

Luna Helper
Sandi Cunningham, Owings Mills, MD

Moon Wok
Karen Allamon, Atlanta, GA

Paul Witte, New Hope, PA

Crepe Canaveral
Steve Ziobro, Reeseville, WI

Coq au Tang
Jeff Frankenfield, San Francisco, CA

Flash Gordon Bleu
Jeremy Pallotta, Londonderry, NH

Spaghetti and Mars Balls
Nathaniel Hewett, Boston, MA

The Right Stuffing
Louis Phillips, New York, NY

Ken Gough, Williamsville, NY

Arugula Borealis
Allan Kaplan, St. Louis Park, MN

Marie McIntosh, Frankford, DE

Peggy Mills, San Francisco, CA

Hubble Pie
Rich Creason, New Cumberland, PA

Launch Pad Thai
Barbara Larkin, Dallas, TX

Primordial Soup
Brian Lees, New York, NY

Rick Whistler, West Jordan, UT

Billion Dollar Casserole
Tim Possley, Erie, IL

Some kind of chocolate candy bar, but I haven't come up with a good name yet.
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA