Frazzled travelers
Virgin Atlantic hires a "whisper coach" to teach flight crews how to keep their voices low enough to provide "the most comfortable experience possible for our passengers." [TIME]

The U.S. State Department announces that poverty-stricken rogue state North Korea has agreed to stop its nuclear activities in exchange for food aid. [The Daily What]

Star Wars-inspired gadgets
Microsoft Research unveils a prototype of an augmented reality system that could transmit holographic communications similar to Princess Leia's famous "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi" message. [Discovery News]


Ghostbusters fans
Dan Aykroyd squelches rumors of a third Ghostbusters movie, saying Bill Murray has refused to sign on. [Death & Taxes]

Rupert's family
James Murdoch, son of media mogul Rupert, resigns as executive chairman of News International, which has long been mired in a phone-hacking scandal. [Newser]

Preserving nature
A woman admits to accidentally burning down the oldest pond cypress tree in the world, and perhaps the fifth-oldest tree on the planet. She says she was inside the 3,500-year-old tree smoking meth and lit a fire so she could see better. [io9]

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