Canine-loving anglophiles
After trying to keep it a secret, Prince William and Kate Middleton go public with the name of their cocker spaniel puppy: Lupo. [Global Post]

Striking it rich
A 12.76-carat pink diamond is unearthed in western Australia. The stone, the largest ever discovered in the country, will sell for up to $10.6 million. [Huffington Post]

Displays of drunkenness
A new study suggests that embarrassing Facebook photos may make job applicants more attractive to employers. [Death & Taxes]


Traditional teaching methods
A new study shows that students who use iPads in the classroom score better on literacy tests than those who don't. [TIME]

Internet trolls
A Brooklyn resident is arrested after leaving a threatening comment about NYPD police commissioner Ray Kelly on a New York news website. [BuzzFeed]

Interfaith understanding
Reports surface that Anne Frank was posthumously baptized by Mormons in the Dominican Republic. [Opposing Views]

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