Maids in Manhattan
New York City hotels agree to give housekeepers panic buttons they can use to call for help should they feel endangered in a guest's room. [Reuters]

Sportsmanlike conduct
The New York Jets take out a newspaper ad congratulating the New York Giants on their recent Super Bowl win. [BuzzFeed]

Getting off the hook
A Florida judge orders a husband to take his wife out to dinner and buy her flowers after the couple got into a physical fight triggered by the man's failure to wish his wife a happy birthday. [Huffington Post]


Inner peace
Officials in Sarasota County, Florida say they want to begin charging a yoga instructor for offering free yoga classes on the beach. [Death & Taxes]

Single servings
A study finds that single serving K-Cup coffees are more expensive for users than many high-end whole bean coffees. [The Consumerist]

Indulgent mothers
A study says babies who are spoon-fed might be more likely to become obese later in life than babies taught to feed themselves. [Discovery News]

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