The dark side
Israeli scientists discover a method for breeding tomatoes that are red on the inside, but black on the outside. [Daily Mail]

Good Samaritans
A man returns a lost briefcase containing $8,000 to its rightful owner after the owner drove away with the briefcase on the roof of his car. [The Consumerist]

Staying on target
Researchers create a self-guided bullet prototype that can strike a target from a mile away. [Business Insider]


Safe travels
The TSA endures criticism for waiting six hours before alerting police to possible pipe bombs found in a traveler's bag. [Huffington Post]

Claremont McKenna College admits to inflating SAT scores for its last seven freshman classes in an attempt to boost its national ranking. [Newser]

Attention spans
A new report reveals that a majority of smartphone owners ignore most of the apps they download, opening only five or fewer apps at least once a week. [USA Today]

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