Singing in the rain

An American musician invents a "singing house" that translates rain, sunshine, and other weather patterns into the appropriate ambient music. [Animal New York]

Impatient fans of Super Bowl commercials
Volkswagen releases a teaser for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial (which will air during the Feb. 5 game). Three words: The Bark Side. [BuzzFeed]

Reinventing the textbook
Apple announces that it will bring full-screen digital textbooks to the iPad in an attempt to make textbooks more engaging for students. [Financial Times]


Respecting women
Rapper Jay-Z denies the recent rumors that the birth of his daughter inspired him to drop the word "b*tch" from his lyrics. [Death and Taxes]

Inter-generational understanding
A chagrined, video-camera-wielding dad tries explaining the mechanics of vinyl records to his 13-year-old daughter, who is simply baffled by the cumbersome disc. [The Daily What]

Performance-enhancing undies
A Slovenian Olympic skier comes under scrutiny for wearing a type of underwear that allegedly gave her an unfair advantage during a race in Austria. [TIME]

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