Kristen Wiig — the star, co-writer, and co-producer of last summer's surprise hit Bridesmaids — tells The Hollywood Reporter that she and writing partner Annie Mumolo have no interest in making a sequel to the R-rated comedy, even though Universal (the studio behind the film) and audiences have been clamoring for one. The trade paper speculates that Wiig's disinterest stems from the paltry $100,000 bonus she and her co-stars each received after the film raked in more than $250 million. Regardless, Universal reportedly still plans to move forward with a sequel, one possibly focused on the first film's breakout star, Melissa McCarthy. Could a Bridesmaids sequel possibly work without its maid of honor?

This is a horrible idea: Why hasn't anyone learned from The Hangover 2 debacle? says Katey Rich at Cinema Blend. After the unexpected success of the first Hangover, Warner Brothers quickly churned out a subpar, widely-panned sequel that "seemed to demoralize the entire cast." It's regrettable that Universal is "willing to do exactly the same for Bridesmaids." Or, rather, worse — at least Hangover's original cast and director were on board for the sequel. "It's depressing to think of the studio moving ahead with such a pale, pathetic imitation of the original" Bridesmaids.
"Kristen Wiig still against a Bridesmaid sequel, so they might make one without her"

It could work if McCarthy's involved: Universal says it will only go forward with a Wiig-less sequel if the right concept emerges, says Nathan Adams at Film School Rejects. As anyone who's seen the first film knows, the most promising strategy would be to promote Melissa McCarthy's aggressively strange and hilarious scene-stealer Megan to the starring role. "McCarthy is now the one lynch pin that they need to make audiences buy into" a Bridesmaids without Wiig. But will the Emmy-winning actress "be willing to play ball?"
"Kristen Wiig wants to always be a bride and never again a Bridesmaid"

Regardless, Wiig is smart to bow out: Kudos to Kristen Wiig for standing her ground, says Kevin Jagernauth at Indie Wire. Her Hollywood stock skyrocketed following the success of Bridesmaids, and she's already reaping the benefits, working on movies with Robert De Niro and Sean Penn. It's easy to see why she "isn't eager to do another turn on the Bridesmaids treadmill." Why would she want to be "pigeonholed by her first massive hit"? 
"Universal thinking about Bridesmaids sequel without Kristen Wiig"