Evolving sharks
Researchers have discovered the world's first hybrid shark in Australia. Common black-tip and Australian black-tip sharks are mating, researchers suggest, in an attempt to adapt to climate change, since their offspring can handle a broader range of water temperatures than each individual species. [The Daily What]

Tech geniuses
The man behind the design of your favorite Apple products has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Jonathan Paul Ive helped Steve Jobs bring Apple back to life in the late 1990s with the iMac, and later helped design the iPod, iPhone and the iPad. [TIME]

Would-be dads
Researchers in Germany and Israel announced that they have successfully grown mouse sperm in a laboratory. The breakthrough could pave the way for technology that allows infertile men to father their own children instead of relying on donated sperm. [Telegraph]


Striking gold
Twenty gold bars discovered on a Paris train last week have turned out to be fake. Had the bars been real, they would have been worth around $1 million. [BBC]

Letting bygones be bygones
Herman Cain, the onetime GOP frontrunner felled by allegations of sexual impropriety, will reportedly not endorse any of his former Republican rivals because none of them supported his 9-9-9 tax plan. Cain reportedly hopes this move will "take the wind" out of the Iowa caucuses. [Business Insider]

Doing the Dew
PepsiCo, the company that manufactures Mountain Dew, is being sued by a Wisconsin man who claims to have found a dead mouse in a can of the yellow soft drink in 2009. Pepsi's strange — and somewhat sickening — defense is that the ingredients in Mountain Dew would have caused the mouse to dissolve into a "jelly-like" goo, making the man's story unlikely. [Huffington Post]

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