The video: This week, Ford released images of its "sexy" new concept car, the Evos. Set to debut later this month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Evos is no mere hybrid, but a sleek vision of how a cloud-connected car could integrate itself into seemingly every facet of your daily life. (Watch a video about the Evos below.) The car would communicate wirelessly with gadgets in your home or office to play the same music as you come and go, turn off the lights in your house as you hit the road, and be constantly aware of your schedule. Evos even boasts a heart rate monitor — not to mention "DeLorean-style hinged gull-wing doors."

The reaction:  This is truly "a holistic vision of how a future car would integrate with your life," says Wayne Cunnigham at CNET. Ford even suggests that the car would reset the alarm clock in your bedroom if someone changed the start time of a morning meeting. This is clearly "the next step in a smarter car," says Andrew Nusca at Smart Planet. Let's call it "situational adaptation." Whatever you call it, it's not for everyone, says Charlie White at Mashable. Some drivers might rightfully find these all-knowing features "a bit creepy." See the concept car in action: