On Thursday, a Florida judge sentenced Casey Anthony to four years in prison for lying to authorities investigating the disappearance of her daughter. But since she has already spent three years behind bars, Anthony could be released in late July or August. And after being acquitted on charges that she murdered her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, the 25-year-old Anthony no longer has to worry about spending the rest of her life in prison — though judging from the massive public backlash to her not guilty verdict, she likely still ranks high on the list of America's most despised parents. So what's next for Anthony? She hasn't given many clues, but that hasn't stopped the speculation from running wild. Here, five predictions:

1. A book or movie deal
Much speculation about Casey Anthony's future has focused on a six-figure book deal, says Nate Rawlings at TIME, or maybe a Lifetime movie. "Tabloids are already guessing that Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame might play Casey on the big screen." This talk of a rich book deal is "a crock," says Jason Pinter at The Huffington Post. To sell, a book needs "a figure readers can cheer for," and nobody's rooting for Casey Anthony.

2. Motherhood
According to letters she has written during her three years in jail, says Sherri Reed at The Stir, Anthony wants to have another child. "Approximately 99% of Americans (just a guess) believe Casey Anthony killed her toddler Caylee, either on purpose or by accident," and does not deserve such a precious gift again. But the choice is not ours, it's hers.

3. Another headline-grabbing scandal
"If she's as much of a monster as the court of public opinion believes," says Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of HLN's "Dr. Drew," as quoted by CNN, she will be back in the headlines eventually. "She will do something else that will collapse in chaos around her for sure. That's just the way these people are. If, indeed, she is what we think her to be."

4. Porn
Within hours of Anthony's acquittal Wednesday, Vivid Entertainment's Steven Hirsch offered her the chance to star in an adult film, says Hal Boedeker of the The Orlando Sentinel. But even jumping into pornography won't be easy for Anthony. Hirsch promptly rescinded the offer due to an overwhelmingly negative public response. "It has become obvious to us that Vivid fans, and people in general, want nothing to do with her and that includes a XXX movie," Hirsch says.

5. More parties
Some people believed Casey Anthony wanted her daughter out of the picture "because she cramped her style as a party girl," says Sunny Chanel at Babble. For 31 days after Caylee disappeared in 2008, Casey Anthony didn't report her missing, but she did get a tattoo reading "Bella vita" (Italian for beautiful life), and enter a "hot body" contest at a nightclub. The question is, "who will want to party with her now?"