Though parents fret over virtually every aspect of child-rearing, few topics inspire more anguish than sex. Some moms and dads insist on abstinence, but, according to ABC News, an increasing number of parents are letting their teenagers do it... at home. One mom, Patty Skudlarek, told Good Morning America that if her 18-year-old son is going to have sex, she wants him to get off in the safety of his own bedroom, "as opposed to a motel, a car or a park, or wherever they're doing it these days." Are these parents being too permissive?

Safety is a valid reason for new rules: "Growing up, I personally lived in one of the 'not under my roof!' households," says Whitney Jefferson at Jezebel. But it makes sense that some parents actually want these shenanigans to take place in the home, in the name of cleanliness and safety. "It's nice to see some parents tacitly imply they know what the basement rec room is really for."
"Parents who prefer their kids have sex at home"

This only encourages bad behavior: Teenagers aren't equipped to handle the emotions and responsibilities that come with sex, says Ginger at They can't remember to take out the trash — how can you assume they'll use condoms? Letting them get it on in their own bedrooms only encourages them to do things that should wait until their brains are fully developed.
"Teen sex at home?"

This is too icky to even discuss: This "pushes that nosy mom who is all in your business thing a bit too far," says Jen Doll at The Village Voice. "Teens and parents do not and should not want to think about each other having sex. That's just biological." So let's put this "yucko parenting trend" out of our minds before it does permanent psychological damage. Please.
"Parents of some teens now think it's cool for them to have sex at home"