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Results: In light of new sites like "Cupidtino," for Apple enthusiasts, and "We Waited" for virgins, we asked you to come up with another special-interest dating site.

THE WINNER: Let'sWasteEachOther'sTime: For commitment-phobes.
Alan Parven, Commerce Township, MI

SECOND PLACE: bipartisex: For those who want to experiment with another political persuasion.
Nick Ewen, Fort Pierce, FL

THIRD PLACE: Karma.org: The beauty of this site is that you don’t need to do anything! If you are meant to be together, you will be.
Terri Kayden, Nyack, NY

The Anti-Social Network: For people who hate dating sites
Michael Kaplan, Brooklyn
YourPlaceNotMine: For adult children living with their parents
Danielle Tallman, Litchfield Park, AZ

Exes & Oys: Dating match-ups arranged FOR ex-spouses, BY ex-spouses
Ronna L. Edelstein, Pittsburgh, PA

Love & Order: For everyone who’s ever acted in a "Law & Order" episode
Gary N. Hennion, New York City

TheMeatlessMarket: Dating site for vegans
Debbie Binder, Bentleyville, OH

AccumuDate: For hoarders
Jay Jaman, Aiea, HI

UnderwaterLovers: For homeowners with an underwater mortgage
Wendi JoLea Dick, Englevale, ND

Hornithologist: For oversexed birdwatchers
Miles Klein, Frisco, TX

HindSite: For those who don't want to show our faces on a dating site, but are willing to show something else
Dave Rapp, Boynton Beach, FL

theCharm.com: For people looking for love after their second divorce
John Besnard, Irvine, CA

Can’tWeJustChat: For germaphobes
Barry Cutler, Palm Desert, CA

Matches.com: For pyromaniacs
David Daniel, Woodland Hills, CA

As-Is: For garage sale enthusiasts
Veronica Dolan, Denver

CraigsLust: New home of the old Craigslist adult ads
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA

Angela James, Westminster, MD
TrueRepresentations (no members yet)
Mike Paul Carrboro, NC