His hit sitcom canceled, Charlie Sheen took to the internet Saturday night, streaming the inaugural episode of his new production, "Sheen's Korner." As many as 113,251 people tuned into the Ustream program, which was "closely akin to a local access cable show," says The Hollywood Reporter. Sheen promised that if the audience held up, he might turn it into a daily program. (Watch a clip below.) Alas, most of the reviews were not kind: Sad, boring, pointless. Will this finally end our fascination with Sheen's televised meltdown?

Sheen jumped the shark: The best part about Sheen's "horrendous" and "embarrassing" online-streaming experiment is that "thanks to Ustream's viewer display count, you could see people getting sick of Sheen in real time," says Adrien Chen at Gawker. And you can see why: "It was so boring!" So thankfully, "barring some insane new development," this "marks the beginning of the end of our national obsession with Sheen's breakdown."
"100,000 people watched Charlie Sheen's awful webcast"

His audience is growing: As Sheen's tagline says, "you're either in Sheen's Korner or you're with the trolls," says Ellen Lee at the San Francisco Chronicle. And while there may be quite a few trolls, Sheen's audience shows no signs of abating. "@CharlieSheen already has a following of two million on Twitter," a number that grew so fast it set a Guinness record. "Can we say #winning?"
"Charlie Sheen joins Ustream"

And Sheen isn't going anywhere: The "out-of-control actor" at least has the "sliver of sense" to know that his "bizarro blabbering webcast... was not his best performance," says Lukas I. Alpert at the New York Daily News. But it won't be his last. After tweeting that his show was "treasonous to the movement," he announced a "video solution," which means we can look forward to more "forgettable" webcasts full of "fart noises and endless references to 'winning.'"
"Charlie Sheen calls 'Sheen's Korner' web show 'treasonous' via Twitter"