The video: Sunday's episode of The Simpsons took a couple of potshots at the animation studio Pixar. The episode, "Angry Dad: The Movie," follows Bart Simpson as his homemade film becomes hugely popular and wins a pile of honors. At one of the awards ceremonies Bart attends, a clip is shown from the "Mixar" movie Condiments — a tasty parody of the Toy Story trilogy, in which ketchup bottles and mustard jars, instead of toys, come alive when their owner isn't looking.
The reaction:
The Simpsons got Pixar spot-on, says James Lileks at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "The tone's right, the 'leaving the kitchen' line echoes so many Pixar plots, and even the music has that Randy Newman Western feel." We were especially impressed by the animation during the sequence, says Ken Tucker at Entertainment Weekly. The visuals on The Simpsons have long been "artfully crummy," but this "very accomplished replication of Pixar" was very well done. Watch the clip of Condiments here: