The video: Bret Baier is the rising star of Fox News' highly rated weekday show "Special Report." But if his TV career ever fizzles, he may have a fallback career as a rapper. At a Friday night "jam session" following the 52nd Annual Bob Hope Classic in Palm Springs, Calif., Baier was invited onstage. Claiming he only knew one song, Baier launched into a more-than-passable rendition of The Sugarhill Gang's seminal 1979 hit "Rapper's Delight." Though Baier instructed the crowd, "Don't tell anybody I did that," the now-viral video soon appeared on YouTube.
The reaction:
Baier's performance could easily have been "cringetastic," says Mark Joyellea at Mediate, but "we must admit he nailed it." After such an impressive showing, it's "no wonder they’re calling the pocket-square-wearing anchor the 'Dapper Rapper.'" The question, says Matt Gertz at Media Matters, is whether Baier is "better or worse than MC Rove," the rapping alter ego Karl Rove unveiled at 2007's White House Correspondents Dinner. On that question, "we report, you decide." Watch Baier rap: