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Results: After Lithuania launched a national perfume, conveying the country’s ambiance with accents of moss, wildflowers and “the smell of wood fires,’’ we asked what accents one might find in a perfume called “America.’’ You sniffed out:

THE WINNER: Gunpowder and corn syrup
Tracy Ahearn Ames, Los Angeles
SECOND PLACE: Blood, sweat, and beer
Jane Hicks, Hood River, OR
THIRD PLACE: The minty-clean scent of fresh money with the faint hint of a homeless shelter
PJ Wells, Canton, OH

Apple pie and burning flags
C. Robert Holloway, New Orleans

Bald Eagle and bacon
Linda Hart Tolley, Merced, CA

Apple pie, hotdogs, and dad’s new wife
Joel V. Harvey, Lawrenceburg, TN

Shopping malls, banks, and churches
Lori Hartwell, Glendale, CA

Exhaust fumes and air fresheners, with accents of barbecuing
Judith Averill, Amherst, MA

Gasoline, plastic, and a touch of cinnamon
Amanda Smith, Cincinnati

Transfat, Starbucks, and a hint of crude oil
Colby Seibold, Vancouve, WA

Cheeseburgers, French fries, and a whiff of crisis
Ben Cooper, Montgomery, NJ

Diesel, elk musk, and a fresh bag of hamburgers
Mackay Miller, Louisville, CO

Smells of Crisco (from the fryer), leather (from the couch), with a dusty note (from the treadmill)
Brendan Leyden, Lomita, CA

Essence of partially hydrogenated corn oil
Amanda Black, Zionsville, IN

Curry, salsa, and apple pie
John Ryan, Haverhille, MA

The stench of debt, obesity, and partisanship
Derek Dodge, Caro, MI

The pooled perspiration from Ronald McDonald and Lady Gaga fighting over an iPad
Sean Cochran, Denver

Baseball Steroids, Hot Dogs Tofu, Apple Pie High-Fructose Corn Syrup, and Chevrolet  a Japanese Hybrid
Jim Lancaster, Atlanta