The story: Christmas shoppers in a Boston mall in December were surprised when a crowd of people suddenly broke into song and choreographed dance moves in front of the stores. But they were left reeling when two of the revellers stripped off their winter clothes to reveal a wedding dress and tuxedo — and stepped down a makeshift "aisle" to exchange vows. John Kleiman and Caroline Turcksin, a couple from Needham, Mass., decided to hold a "flash-mob" wedding to save money, and give their guests a unique experience. They had the occasion filmed to show Turcksin's family in Belgium — but since the clip went viral it has been viewed more than 300,000 times on YouTube.
The reaction: "The whole shebang was recession-friendly," says Megan Friedman in Time. The bride's dress cost $36, she did her own hair and make-up, and the reception cost a paltry $3,000. "Leave the lavish weddings to British royalty." It was a pretty "cute" idea, says Doug Most in The Boston Globe. "Just hope the honeymoon wasn't at the food court." Watch the wedding video: