Although Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and the cast of "Jersey Shore" regularly cross boundaries, MTV announced yesterday that it will be sending the show's diminutive, oft-drunk breakout star somewhere she's never gone before: Inside a ball that will drop over New York's Times Square on New Year's Eve. In addition to Snooki-in-a-ball, the "MTV New Year's Bash" special will feature other stars of the show leading the crowd in a "collective fist pump" in an attempt to set a Guinness world record. Bloggers did not take kindly to MTV's plans:

Health concerns
"New Year's Eve used to be about elegance and class," says Shannon Hood at Frothy Girls. "Now, I won't be able to watch the ball drop for fear of catching a venereal disease through the television set."

Snooki's not exactly Dick Clark
"Actual adults should not have to ring in 2011 with a tiny, orange person they cannot identify," says Willa Paskin in New York.

Lighting issues
"True to Snooki's personality, they should probably use UV tanning bed lights instead of the traditional LEDs," says Krista Westervelt at Gather.

It's harder than it seems
"And you thought being a B-level celebrity was all glitz and glamour," says Michael Star in the New York Post.

It's in her genes
"She probably volunteered to do it, since her lineage is actually tainted with a few rogue strands of gerbil DNA," says Meghan Carlson at Buddy TV.

Fair warning
"The lesson we have learned here today? Avoid MTV and Times Square on New Year's Eve," says Dodai Stewart in Jezebel.

Keep it in context
"The last Dark Age lasted a thousand years before the Renaissance," says Hollywood Outbreak.