Ever since Mel Gibson was hired to make a cameo appearance in The Hangover 2, and then fired after cast and crew complained, the upcoming film's stunt casting has been closely scrutinized. Now, TMZ has "confirmed" that Bill Clinton stopped by the film's set in Thailand over the weekend to film his own cameo. The news that the former president and humanitarian is following in the "footsteps of boxer/ear-biter/convicted rapist Mike Tyson," who appeared in the first Hangover, has commentators cracking wise. Here, a sampling:

"We hope his role involves a tiger," says Megan Friedman in Time. "Or at least Mike Tyson."

What this might lead to
"Is taking a role in this Thailand-set low comedy carrying [Clinton's] global initiative too far?" wonders Michael Sragow in The Baltimore Sun. What's next? "George W. Bush in his flight gear dropping into the remake of Top Gun?"

Better candidates
"I'm sure Clinton has had his share of hangovers in his day, but he's definitely not the U.S. President we most associate with alcohol," says Christopher Campbell at IndieWire. A suggestion: Chester A. Arthur, imbiber of fine wines and liquors, who, incidentally, "had the greatest facial hair of any president."

Working conditions
"We're guessing Clinton did some serious work... on the craft service table," says the TMZ staff.

The role of a lifetime
"[Clinton] will not play a skirt-chasing, overeating, smooth-talking governor of a southern state with designs on world power," says Avi Zenilman at New York. "He will play himself."