Glenn Beck has already established himself as a star of radio and cable TV, as well as a best-selling author. Now he's expanding his media empire with the launch of, a "fiery" news and opinion website promising fresh insight on "the stories that matter most." Will the Fox News host, fresh off his massive rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial, be as much of a success on the web as he has been everywhere else? (Watch a Russia Today report about Beck's site)

Beck's devoted fans will follow him anywhere: The Blaze could become a "conservative Huffington Post," says Josh Duboff at New York magazine. Beck has made it clear his golden touch will be everywhere on the site, from the conservative, hot-button stories it highlights to the opinions it chooses to push. And "there's really no reason to think that Glenn's fervent fan base, which followed him in great numbers to Washington, D.C., this past weekend, won't take the leap online with him."
"Glenn Beck launches a news and opinion website"

The Blaze looks like a loser: There are a million websites already offering news, opinion, and video, says Max Read at Gawker. The Blaze hardly offers anything new — especially when you consider that at one point right after launch seven of the site's 10 front page stories were about Glenn Beck and his various projects. Sorry, Glenn, but telling people how great you are isn't going to be enough to make your website a must-read.
"Glenn Beck launches news website mostly about Glenn Beck"

The key will be offering something new: Beck has promised to do more than "simply serving up more Beck," says Cheryl Phillips at The Blaze has its own team of journalists, so it seems unlikely it will be merely "just a hub for [Beck's] own (popular) rants." That could be the key to the site's success, because it will help Beck "build his farm team" to expand his media empire, and continue promoting "his larger themes without risking his own overexposure."
"Glenn Beck The Blaze website launches — What's the big deal?"