Football fans are abuzz over rumors that star Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is retiring... again. The 40-year-old reportedly has been texting his teammates that "this is it" — "it" being the end to his 19 seasons as a pro quarterback and short career as a Viking. Favre, 40, had surgery on his ankle months ago, and it apparently isn't healing to his satisfaction. Still, the many skeptics point out that he's "retired" a few times since leaving the Green Bay Packers in 2007. Does Favre really mean it this time? (Watch Vikings fans react to the Favre reports)

Green Bay cautioned us about "Favregeddon": We Vikings fans can't say we weren't forewarned "that Brett Favre would break our hearts," says Jim Souhan in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Assuming he retires — and the only "certainty" is that he's "one of the most selfish people in an industry filled with divas" — it will be a "pathetic coda" to a great career and his, and his team's, best season ever.
"Favregeddon is what we get"

Favre's pulled this "retirement" stunt before: Minnesota fans can relax, says Alexeiv Goodenov in Bleacher Report. Favre "is going nowhere." I believed him when he retired in 2007, and in 2008, but "fool me three times, what am I? An idiot?" Favre "won't quit until his body quits," and it hasn't yet. So give him "his yearly offering" of media adulation, then watch him suit up in September.
"Brett Favre: He is going nowhere"

We'll know on Sept. 9: There's a good chance Favre himself doesn't know what he's going to do, says Mark Maske in The Washington Post. He "might believe right now that he's retiring," only to find the game pull him back again, despite his age, unhealed ankle, and iffy leg. "It's still a long way until the season opener on Sept. 9," and that's especially relevant for the Vikings now, who will only be a "top Super Bowl contender" if Favre takes them there.
"Don't believe Brett Favre quite yet"