Apple has already sold more than 1 million iPads. But the newly-released 3G version of the device, which allows users to connect to AT&T's wireless network in addition to WiFi, "just isn't worth an additional $130," argues Don Reisinger in eWeek. Sure the iPad 3G might seem "like a better option for most folks." But I've got 10 reasons why buying the "expensive" device could be a big mistake:

"1. The iPad with WiFi is just fine
When owning Apple products, most consumers should want to have every option available to them. After all, it's possible that when future iterations of iPhone OS or new versions of applications arrive, owners of the more capable iPad model will benefit most. But that might not happen. Currently, Apple seems intent on supporting both iPad versions equally. Plus, the WiFi works beautifully on the cheaper iPad version. And for most users, living with just WiFi connectivity hasn't proven to be an issue....

"2. It's expensive
The iPad is not a cheap device. Consider that there are currently dozens of netbooks on store shelves that offer more functionality than the iPad but at lower prices, and it quickly becomes clear that Apple's tablet is a luxury product. Realizing that, should consumers really pay a $130 premium just to have the ability to connect to AT&T's 3G network? If so, then they should also remember that to connect to 3G, they will also need to pay between $15 and $30 per month depending on usage. If they opt for the cheapest iPad 3G model for $629 and get the cheapest data package, they will still pay more than $800 for the iPad 3G in the first year of ownership along. Yikes."

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