The never mild  Glenn Beck is reportedly splitting the ranks at Fox News. While Chairman Roger Ailes backs the emotive, wildly popular TV-radio host, many of the network's journalists complain that Beck's inflammatory rants and antics are damaging the channel's credibility. Given the steady stream of Beck controversies — most recently his attack on "social justice" Christians — would Fox be better off ditching him? (Listen to Glenn Beck's rant about social justice)

Start counting down Beck's exit: When even Beck's Fox peers are sharing their disgust, says Alex Pareene in Gawker, it's clear that the "complete self-immolation portion of the Glenn Beck fame cycle" has begun. After the "hilarious embarrassment" of Beck's Eric Massa interview and his dissing of churches, I say Beck's gone within 18 months, after a "publicity disaster too large even for Fox News."
"Glenn Beck still on pace for complete meltdown"

Beck's Fox gig is safe: The anonymous griping from the Fox "journalists" is just jealous backbiting, says Steve Krakauer in Mediaite. It likely stems from Sean Hannity, who's seen himself fall from a "silver medalist" Fox personality to a "bronze," in the wake of Beck's success. The grousing matters not: Ailes' strong support makes Beck bulletproof.
"Surprise! Some people at Fox News are jealous of Glenn Beck..."

He's a ticking time bomb: Beck is great for Ailes & Co. now, says Jonathan Chait at The New Republic, but "advertisers shun him," and his detractors are rightly worried that the "erratic and uncontrollable" host will one day "blow up at Fox and the GOP and bring his audience with him." Is Fox really willing to take that risk?
"Beck vs. Fox"

Beck's volatility is a plus, not a minus: Beck's "'erratic' nature" is the key to his success, says Robert Stacy McCain in Hot Air. Disdainful Fox journalists may fear a catastrophic explosion, but — until then — viewers will continue to love Beck largely because his unpredictability makes for good TV.
"Success, envy, and Glenn Beck"