Scott Brown's startling victory in the high-stakes Massachusetts Senate race was celebrated by conservatives everywhere, with one notable exception: influential Fox News host, Glenn Beck, who seized on Brown's acceptance speech, in which he introduced his 19- and 21-year-old daughters as "available," to their evident embarrassment. Slamming the senator-elect as a "creepy" dad who was "pimping" out his girls, Beck also noted that Brown had posed nearly nude for Cosmopolitan magazine in the '80s. Are these "embarrassing" details — followed swiftly by lurid media reports about Brown's wife — a warning that Brown is unfit for office, or is Beck just stirring the pot?

Brown's speech was certainly disturbing: The senator-elect's remarks about his daughters were "weird" and "gross," says Anna North at Jezebel, especially when you consider his history of "sexist" conduct. Brown recently, for example, refused to condemn violently sexual and obscene comments that one of his supporters made about Martha Coakley, Brown's Democratic rival. Face it: We all know that Brown would have spoken differently "if he'd had sons."
"All the single ladies"

These are cheap shots at good family man: Beck and other critics are showing how "ignorant" they are by calling Brown a "creep," says conservative radio host Mark Levin in the blog Radio Equalizer. Brown's on-stage teasing "actually shows he is a good family man. Ask any father of girls: [Deliberately provoking]...the 'oh daddy!' squirm of embarrassment from teenage daughters is something only a father with a good, comfortable relationship [with his children] does (and he never misses a chance to do so)."
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Brown's indiscretions actually help him seem trustworthy: All hail "our first senator (that we know of) who posed nude for money," says Rachel Manteuffel in The Washington Post. Welcome to "politics in the era of Facebook," where every "future Supreme Court nominee" will have embarrassing photos just a Google search away. These days, any "candidate with a clean cache…[may seem]…too unlike the rest of us to be trusted." I predict that other politicians will start manufacturing embarrassing photos just to keep up.
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