Glamour magazine continues to "push the boundaries of accepted beauty norms," said Katie Hintz-Zambrano in After running a photo of plus-size model Lizzie Miller unclothed in its September issue, Glamour has upped the ante by publishing a shot of seven nude plus-size models in its November issue. "Even the stunning Scarlett Johansson, who appears on Glamour's November cover, has been slightly upstaged by the bevy of beauties"—and "that takes a lot!"

The photo "is beautiful," said Catherine Strawn in The Frisky, "but why did the models have to be naked? Nudity in magazines always gets people talking, so it's likely the women wore their birthday suits as a publicity move." Then again, maybe "the models didn't wear clothes not as some statement, but because fashion companies, except for plus-size brands, don't make clothes that fit them."

Glamour received "overwhelmingly positive reaction to the photo of plus-size model Lizzie Miller" back in September, said Amy Odell in New York magazine. So maybe "because efforts like these are often written off as tokenizing publicity stunts," Glamour made a "pledge" in a recent article "to include more realistic-looking women in their pages moving forward"—let's see if the magazine stays true to its word.