Plenty of women drink alcohol before sex, said Britain's Daily Mail. Researchers who surveyed 3,000 British women between 18 and 50 for the cosmetics brand Femfresh found that it helps those who lack confidence in their bodies. The astonishing finding, though, was that nearly half of those surveyed said they "preferred sex while under the influence"—and 6 percent said they had never had sex while sober.

Clearly, this goes way beyond having a glass of wine to get over first-time jitters, said Murray Wardrop in Britain's Telegraph. "The study also found that the average woman has slept with eight men, but was drunk with at least five of them." Three quarters of the women surveyed said they preferred to have some wine before getting into bed with a boyfriend or husband, and 14 percent of those in a relationship said "they couldn't face sleeping with their partner unless they had a couple of glasses of wine beforehand."

Drunken sex may be common, but it can be an explosive subject—at least in Denmark, said Harry Haydon in Britain's The Sun. Tourism officials in Denmark were forced to apologize after they posted a video on YouTube aimed at "luring men to Denmark with the promise that the country's women are easy." In the video, an actress posing as an ordinary Danish woman claimed to be searching for a tourist with whom she had a drunken tryst—because he was the father of her baby. (watch Fox News' Greg Gutfeld discussion the Danish YouTube video)