Kate Gosselin is broadening her television career, said Radar Online. The recently divorced co-star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 is filming the pilot for her new talk show—tentatively titled "Mom Logic"—which will "feature a mix of advice, health and beauty tips, plus celebrity gossip." Kate's co-host will be "Southern cooking expert" Paula Deen, and the show's first guest will be Mel B, who "endured a headline-making split from Eddie Murphy." Could be interesting, considering Kate and Mel B "both have a common bond of very public, and heartbreaking, breakups."

Kate Gosselin has "nothing to offer" daytime TV, said David Zurawik in the Baltimore Sun. She served as a guest host on The View this past week, and "seeing her sitting next to women of serious accomplishments like Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters" was to "see her shrink almost from sight." And Kate has "another problem"—her "basic on-camera persona is not a friendly one."

Kate used to be "seen as a shrew that was exploiting her children" on Jon & Kate Plus 8, said Michele Johansen in Examiner.com, but she's "seen a change in public opinion" since her divorce from Jon Gosselin. And Kate "has a very open personality and that could translate very well in a talk-show setting."