It didn't take long for police to zero in on a suspect in Yale University grad student Annie Le's murder, said Austin Fenner and Perry Chiaramonte in the New York Post. The prime suspect is a Yale lab technician who had access to the building in which Le's body was found, and who reportedly failed a lie-detector test "and couldn't explain fresh wounds on his body."

A heartbroken friend said Annie Le may have been petite, at 4-feet-10 and 90 pounds, said John Connelly in The Daily Beast, but she was tougher than people thought and apparently put up a fight to save herself. "That toughness may help police put Le’s murderer behind bars for life," if the lab tech who emerged as a suspect because of scratches on his chest turns out to be the killer.

Time is running out for Annie Le's killer, said Michael Daly in the New York Daily News. A struggle means blood—either a drop of Le's blood on the murderer, or a drop of the killer's blood on her. "Blood means DNA. And DNA almost certainly means gotcha."