"Did Vanessa Hudgens not learn her lesson the first time?" said Christina Everett in the New York Daily News. A new batch of photos of the High School Musical star "provocatively posing topless" has just hit the Internet. Apparently, they were "taken before the 20-year-old's first photo controversy in 2007," when she was just 17-years-old. Wonder how "her squeaky-clean boyfriend Zac Efron" feels about this.

Supposedly, "the sexy photos were only meant" to be seen by Zac Efron, said Samia Sehgal in The Money Times, but we're not buying it. Hudgens is starring in the upcoming film Bandslam (watch the trailer), and leaking "nude pics just around the release of a new movie could be a deliberate attempt to gain publicity." She'll also be playing a hooker in the movie Sucker Punch, so Hudgens could also be using these photos to help shed her Disney image.

But Hudgens seems to be doing all she can to stop the photos from being circulated online, said Sheila Marikar in ABCNews.com. Violators are "liable to face a lawsuit," and "Hudgens' legal team tried to hammer home that point earlier this week." So although "you may want to share Vanessa Hudgens' topless photos with all your friends and family, you'd be wise not to post them on your blog. Or your Facebook page. Or your Twitter feed. Or on any square inch of Internet."