What "delicate flowers" the Democrats are, said Allahpundit in Hot Air. The party that spent years viciously attacking "Bush, McCain, Palin, etc.," is accusing Republicans of inciting "angry mobs" of "rabid right-wing extremists" to attack President Obama's health-care proposals. Apparently the Left's "pitiful" strategy to win the ObamaCare debate hinges on "framing the GOP as stone-cold nuts" (watch a Democratic ad criticizing Republican "mobs").

The Right hit new lows in its efforts to disrupt the health-care debate, said Joan Walsh in Salon, and "the stupid is accelerating." The National Republican Congressional Committee "is boasting that the GOP is turning Democrats' summer-recess 'town hall' meetings into 'town hells.' Way to engage in productive political discourse, fellas!"

The "loudest voices" may have been encouraged to attend rallies by conservative groups, said Marc Ambinder in The Atlantic. But that doesn't make the protests illegitimate. The reality is that "there is anxiety in the nation about health-care reform," and the Democrats have failed to make a convincing case that their ideas are best.