Chastity Bono will be able to "do something as a man which she could never do as a woman in California," said TMZ. The daughter of Cher and the late Sonny Bono recently announced that she's undergoing a sex change procedure, which will allow her to "ask a judge to legally change" her gender from female to male, thus permitting Bono to then legally marry his longtime female partner. "Exact same person—totally different result. Go figure."

We're really happy for Chastity, said Ted Casablanca in E! Online, and we wish her nothing but the best of luck. But what we don't understand is why Chaz's publicist is asking for privacy for her client while she undergoes the sex change process. "Before all the news broke, Cher and her offspring did supposedly shop the very painful operation required around as a reality-TV show."

Everything about Chastity's sex change procedure is preposterous, said Laura Higgins in Opposing Views. No matter what, she "will always really be a woman"—"changing one's name, cross-dressing, ingesting hormones naturally produced by the opposite sex, and electively amputating healthy parts of one's sexual anatomy don't really change one's biological sex."