Eminem has been spectacularly “punked” by Sacha Baron Cohen, said ChattahBox. At the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, Cohen’s flamboyantly gay fashionista alter ego Bruno, “in angel wings and a barely visible thong,” descended on wires and dropped “his bare butt and genitals on the face of Eminem.” The shock and disgust on the rapper’s face “was priceless as he shouted” and stormed out of the theater. (watch Bruno’s prank on Eminem)

Much of the buzz this morning suggests the whole thing was staged, said Verne Gay in Newsday. But “I think not.” This was “a straight-down-the-middle frak-up,” and it “really was humiliating” and uncalled for. Eminem “did not look happy,” and if I were him, I’d consider sueing Sacha Baron Cohen.

Come on, said Ben Child in the London Guardian, it was obviously staged. But as far as “publicity stunts go” (both Eminem and Cohen have new projects to promote), “you had to admire the precision of its execution and targeting.” Eminem is “known for his anti-gay outbursts,” so who better for Cohen—or rather, Bruno—to call out?