David Chase is back, said Gawker. The mastermind behind The Sopranos, which ended in 2007, “is journeying back in time for his next HBO project," a miniseries about the early days of Hollywood called A Ribbon of Dreams. “Chase ought to do well treading a seemingly glamorous, exciting world that has large chunks of grit breaking through the veneer.”

Chase returned just in time, said Nikki Finke in her Deadline Hollywood Daily blog. HBO has become a "wasteland," and I was about to cancel my subscription. Hopefully, Chase’s new miniseries will get the struggling cable channel's creative juices flowing again.

It makes sense for HBO and Chase to team up once more—they need each other, said Jaime Weinman in Macleans. But it’s no sure thing. Hollywood meta-movies “have a way of being self-congratulatory and insular,” and tend to be flops, because they usually concentrate on making screenwriters look like downtrodden heroes, instead of focusing on entertaining the audience.